Know Small Parts

She's nailed the daily life of an actor about as perfectly detailed as it gets
Richard Dreyfuss

"She's nailed the daily life of an actor in LA about as perfectly detailed as it gets."
Richard Dreyfuss 

The Secret of the Other Mother


“Laura has an amazing grasp of what 

New Orleans is. I could smell it! 

And that's a good thing!”
John Schneider

The Hidden Huntsman


"The novel brims with interesting characters and an engaging mystery to boot. I highly recommend this book."
Jennifer Kincheloe

The Missing Ingredient


“I love Laura's books. They evoke the true ineffable charm and mystery that is the heart and soul of New Orleans.” 

Bryan Batt

The Haunted Heirloom


"Cayouette brings New Orleans to life. Her Charlotte Reade character isn’t just great at unraveling mysteries, she’s a terrific guide through the music, food and culture of the city." 
Allison Leotta

The Family Secret


"New Orleans is comprised of equal parts interesting people, great food, beauty, darkness, and mystery... held together with a dash of magic. Laura has used this same recipe to craft her latest book."  Jon McCarthy

Lemonade Farm


“It evokes the 1970s in a painfully accurate way, and is beautifully written.”
Tom Franklin

Airplane Reading


A collection of stories about flying. The story I contributed includes Notorious BIG & Richard Dreyfuss. Signed copies available at Octavia Books in New Orleans.

How to Be a Widow


This brief, honest account is livlier than you think. full of vivid everyday detail and moments of piercing spiritual clarity. I edited the journal originally written by my aunt Norma.