After eighteen years of Hollywood life, Charlotte Reade is becoming a local in her family home of New Orleans. As an actor, Charlotte makes a living figuring out why people do what they do, but the theft of several random items at her fiancé’s gala fundraiser has her searching for motives. Why would anyone steal a diamond bracelet, a painting, a gift certificate, a Mardi Gras king’s scepter, cigars, fine wine, and a Drew Brees signed football and jersey? 

Once she finds some connections between the victims, Charlotte can’t help but investigate the heist – all while juggling her acting career, wedding plans, dancing in Mardi Gras parades, and the haunted chandelier that demands she uncover the family secret. 

Charlotte lucks into finding an antique journal written by her ancestors – at a local gallery where a painting has gone missing. Are the crimes connected? Has Charlotte finally found the key to revealing the secret?

“A trip to New Orleans--not a tourist trip, but an intimate journey to the heart of the city and its colorful, exuberant people.”
- Jennifer Kincheloe​


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I've created a YouTUBE Playlist that includes videos of music, parades and other events, places and people mentioned in The Secret of the Other Mother.


The PINTEREST board also includes photos of many of the people and places mentioned as well as clues.