Charlotte, an actor/producer fresh off the red carpet of her latest film, returns to her family's home in New Orleans for a funeral. Suddenly, this tenacious and vivacious minor Hollywood player finds herself enlisted in helping to find a long lost birth mother who gave away her twins in a laundromat.

With keen observation and charismatic allure, Charlotte tracks the birth mother and discovers clues to her own family's past while hanging an heirloom chandelier. Full of vivid moments in the Saints march to the Super Bowl during Mardi Gras 2010, colorful local characters, and bizarre supernatural encounters, The Other Mother is a fast-paced page-turner full of parades, culture and family secrets.

“Laura has an amazing grasp of what New Orleans is. 

I could smell it! And that's a good thing!”
- John Schneider


Signed copies available at Garden District Book Shop in New Orleans. 

Shipping available.

Perfect for locals wanting to relive our city’s most victorious coming-together since 

The Battle of New Orleans as well as visitors hoping to catch that feeling, the story includes actual tours people can take, shops and restaurants you can visit and musicians you can see perform. 


I've created a YouTUBE Playlist that includes videos of music, parades and other events, places and people mentioned in The Secret of the Other Mother.


The PINTEREST board also includes photos of many of the people and places mentioned as well as clues.