Based on 25 years in the industry, Know Small Parts is real life advice from someone who's lived it.

Contains behind-the-scenes stories of Quentin Tarantino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shirley MacLaine, David Carradine, Tony Scott, and many other industry luminaries. 

This clear-eyed, realistic step-by-step guide offers wisdom on: 

  • breaking down a scene
  • standing out at an audition
  •  talking to celebrities
  • how to work without representation
  • developing marketing materials
  • landing commercials
  • creating your own momentum
  • what to do when it all goes wrong
  • working outside Los Angeles
  •  surviving rejection
  • how to get clothing for the red carpet and much, much more

With information for beginners and pros alike, it's not just invaluable insight for actors looking to make their mark in the industry, it's great advice for anyone looking to take control of their destiny. Filled with specific examples from movies and television, the book also reveals personal, often funny, stories from the author's own journey through successes and blunders turning minutes into moments and moments into a career.






Kevin Costner (Actor: Academy and Golden Globe Award Winner)

"Laura's outward beauty could have guaranteed her much more in this business, perhaps even worldwide fame. She could have taken an easier route for her professional pursuits but instead chose to make it about the work and only the work.  She is a role model in that regard and a true leading lady."

Lou Diamond Phillips (Actor: Golden Globe Nominee. Longmire, La Bamba)

"She has literally figured out a way to bottle lightning.  I'm sure that her observations and guidance will be invaluable to the actor who is looking to make his or her mark in the film world and to build a career, moment by moment."  

George W. Perkins (Executive Producer: Quarry, Desperate Housewives)

"I write off most of these books.  But this one I can’t.  It stands far above most giving smart, logical, realistic and poignant advice.  Laura speaks with great intelligence about what must be the most difficult career choice one can make and most importantly how to survive having made that choice." 

Joanna Cassidy (Actor: Odd Mom Out, Six Feet Under, Bladerunner)

"Laura has strength, courage and the conviction and, pardon my French but, the balls to hold on to her place in this business. Read her book and you'll find out how." 

Adam Rifkin (Writer/Director: Look, Detroit Rock City, Mouse Hunt)

"Laura Cayouette's KNOW SMALL PARTS is required reading for everyone with stars in their eyes.  Hollywood is inundated daily with countless dreamers hoping for a career in front of the camera, but no idea how best to pursue one.  Laura's smart, sensible and no nonsense step by step approach to achieving a career as an actor is certain to be the new bible for everyone yearning to break into the biz.  I look forward to Laura being thanked in many future Oscar speeches."

Scott LaStatie (Executive Producer: The Infiltrator, Runner Runner; Love in the Time of Cholera)

"Laura Cayouette has created an entire career out of stealing scenes and making moments. Know Small Parts boils that down to nuts and bolts information every actor should know."


Alicia Ruskin (Partner: Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates)

“A clear eyed, detailed, no nonsense guide to the often mysterious world of TV/Film auditioning and performing.  Laura’s experience as an actor and producer gives her a 360 view of the process which she shares in the voice of your audition guru; she’s been to the mountain and returned with all the wisdom you’ll ever need.”

Ryan Glorioso CSA (Casting Director: Daddy's Home, Now You See Me)

"Any actor would be misguided if they didn't read Laura Cayouette's book. Laura is a first rate actress with solid credentials and knows full well what it takes to succeed in this business. I would cast her in everything if could!"

Dennis Christopher (Actor: Golden Globe Nominee & BAFTA winner. Breaking Away, Django Unchained)

​"Laura Cayouette knows what she is doing. She can make an indelible character out of a gesture, a prop or the flash of her eye. Backed up by her meticulous research, she knows what a director wants and what an editor needs to tell the story. She's the real deal."